All Area Basketball League

Frederick County Winter Basketball

The All Area Basketball League (AABL) began as the only winter league for 9th Grade Student athletes in Frederick County to represent their respective school districts since the removal of FCPS Freshmen athletics. Since that time the All Area Basketball League has expanded to offer a Varsity division for athletes in 11th and 12th grade. The two divisions Freshmen and Varsity have their own focus points that are provided below.



9th Grade, Freshmen Division


The All Area Basketball League, Freshmen Division has been the go to Winter Basketball League for 9th grade athletes seeking to compete at a high level and represent their school district. Teams are formed by respective school districts such as Oakdale School District, Tuscarora School District, Brunswick School District, Thomas Johnson School District and many more surrounding districts. AABL tryouts will take place following the FCPS scheduled tryouts. We encourage all Freshmen athletes to tryout for their respective schools JV or Varsity team first and for any reason they are not selected to the final roster our All Area Basketball League will have their respective school district tryouts available.


11th/12th Grade, Varsity Division

The All Area Basketball League, Varsity Division is open to community recreation councils and independent team entries only. The focus of the Varsity Division is to provide recreational athletes in the 11th and 12th grade a safe, fun and competitive basketball atmosphere to enjoy the game while giving their all in effort to win!